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Big Update - RE083

04 Jan 2023

Patch : RE083

Shaper Class has been released

Now comes a new class that has been long awaited by students.. Shaper !!
Shaper has unique gameplay with many build variations. This class will force players to create new strategies for PVP.

New Skill for Assassin & Scientist/Gunner
With the arrival of the shaper class, we are worried that Assassins and Scientist/Gunners will be left behind. 
That's why we provide Anti-provoke skills for assassins and gunners.

Skill Balancing for Scientist/Gunner
Protection Shoot - Level 9
 Melee attack and effect won't be applied for 2.5 seconds.
 In 2.5 seconds and 100% probability to return back 40% magical damage to opponent.
 Melee, Missile, Debuff Type attacks and effects won't be applied for 3 seconds.
 In 3 seconds and 100% probability to return back 100% magical damage to the opponent.

New Pet System
We sincerely apologize about the long-lasting issue/bug with the pet/scroll system happening in the game, which prompted us to stop selling pets and scrolls.
We're now announcing a good news, we are just about to release the new pet system within the game, where you can upgrade your pet, Fixed skills(no random skills) and it'll be available in the webshop.

To welcome the Shaper Class, we will increase the BTG rate and introduce new NPCs
  Normal BTG = 750 % EXP
  Weekend BTG = 1,000 % EXP
  New NPC = Shaper Master (giving Tokyo/Tokyo II/Shibuya ticket)

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