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Privacy Policy

This policy refers to You (the "Player", "Players", "Your", "User", "Users") and the following website ("Website") operated by Http://ranreunion.com/ (the "Company", "Ran Reunion", "Ran Reunion", "We", "Us", "Our"): Http://ranreunion.com/. Our General Data Protection Regulation compliance can be seen below.

Information Technology
  • For security purposes, we will record your IP Address and computer data points when accessing our services. We will use this information to monitor how often our services are used by you as a user, and generate unique fingerprints to provide additional security to our services.

Sharing Information
  • We will not sell, share or make public any personal information held by Http://ranreunion.com/ to any third parties. If, for some reason, we are requested to give a third party your personal information, we will do so only with your explicit consent unless required to do so by law.

Personal Information
  • All personal information held by Http://ranreunion.com/ is linked to a single Account Name chosen by the Player upon registration. Any personal information held on Players can be viewed and modified at their respective personal profile at the website Http://ranreunion.com/

Receiving Update News
  • We will use Your personal email address to update you regarding important notices and may use it to inform Players of Events, News or Updates. You can opt-out of receiving newsletters regarding Events, News or Updates by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of a newsletter.

Session Cookies
  • We may store a session cookie on your Internet Browser which allows you to stay logged into our website. This can be removed by logging out of our website or clearing the cookies for our website. We do not store additional cookies on your internet browser.

Binding Agreement
  • By the continued use of services provided by Http://ranreunion.com/, you are accepting practices set out by the Privacy Policy, and any other policies set out such as in the Terms of Service. Policies set before you may be amended without prior notice and it is your responsibility to check these regularly.

Data Processing
  • After creating an account and using our services, we collect and use the following personal data:
    • Email Address: To verify Your registration and provide notices to you.
    • IP Address: To verify a User and protect Your interests and Company interests

Privacy by Design
  • We make a conscious effort to collect as little identifying information as possible about You.

Right to Erase/ Delete
  • You may withdraw from our services at any time by creating a Support Ticket. Withdrawing from our services will result in immediate and permanent loss of access to our services. We may require additional verification from you before processing your request. Your personal data will not be removed from our service backups, which are typically kept for 30 days to protect users and company interests.

Data Breaches
  • Without undue delay, we will provide notification to users and our lead supervisory authority within 72 hours of a personal data breach.