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Terms & Conditions In Game

# You are not allowed to engaging in hacking or illegal activities.

# Prohibited to obstruct, disrupt all of events or tasks of GM / Staff in the game.

# Prohibited from making, using, spreading some illegal / hacking programs.

# Cheat and bot are strictly prohibited in the game. The use of third-party software or modifying games will be punished, and can result in account banned/ erased from our system.

# It is forbidden to discuss, deploying other servers / private servers within the scope of RAN Reunion

# Advertising/ campaign which is not related with RAN Reunion is not permitted.

# You aren’t allowed to use Nickname, Pet name, Guild name, Party name containing, pornography or abusive words.

# You should not exploit all features that are provided by RAN Reunion.

# RAN Reunion will not responsible for any loss of hacking / scamming by the careless players who share ID and Real-Money-Trading in the game

# Share accounts with other people are prohibited, we will not take any responsibility of whatsoever for such incident.

# We are not responsible for all forms of fraud cases (Gold, Vouchers, Items) that occur in the game caused by user negligence / user own fault in transactions.

Playing Rules

# It is strictly prohibited to modify The game program "RAN Reunion" to achieve any purpose.

# It is prohibited to use third-party program to change the game works, cheats, hacks.

# Using any program or services to interfere with RAN Reunion server stability such as attacking, hacking, DDoS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Breaking these rules will lead to a Permanent Ban or deletion of account.

Privacy Policy

# Every games or forum account created is owned by RAN Reunion and can be stopped or edited at any time with or without reason.

# During playing RAN Reunion, you agree that the security of your account is your responsibility, so you are responsible for all actions taken against or from your account. We have done everything to protect your account on our side.

# You realize that if you lose access to your account that is the result of providing your login details, we will not be responsible to provide support to help you recover your account or lose items.

Session Cookies

# We may store a session cookie on your Internet Browser which allows you to stay logged into our website. This can be removed by logging out of our website or clearing the cookies for our website. We do not store additional cookies on your internet browser.

Binding Agreement

# By the continued use of services provided by RAN Reunion, you are accepting practices set out by the Privacy Policy, and any other policies set out such as in the Terms of Service. Policies set before you may be amended without prior notice and it is your responsibility to check these regularly.

Data Processing

# After creating an account and using our services, we collect and use the following personal data

- Email Address: To verify Your registration and provide notices to you.

- IP Address: To verify a User and protect Your interests and Company interests.

- Computer Data Points: To generate unique fingerprints for a Computer.

Rules of Refund Policy

# All refund process will be given in the form of game points. We do not refund in the form of cash.

# We will only process this game point refund in the case where there is an error in our server that causing the user do not receive their game point, or the issue/error is caused by our side.

# You have 30 calendar days to request a refund from the date you top up.

# We will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after the user give us proof of transaction and screen shot and we will evaluate and check in our system.

Important Notes

  • Punishments are only default penalties. But since every cases are different, penalties can vary depending on offense.
  • If player is continuously breaking same rule despite previous punishments, the penalty length will keep accumulating.
  • If player keeps breaking this rule on different characters, the consequences will still be accumulated.
  • Warnings do not have to be PM'd. If there is an Open Chat infraction, a warning may be given via Open Chat.
  • It's not mandatory for Staff member to warn player depending on the situation.