The Biggest RAN Online in Asia

International server RAN with professional services as well as updates and various events. Don't waste your time on other servers with short lifetimes. Join us!


Long Term Server

This is a server that is designed with a long term plan, creating an "exciting" and everlasting RAN community!

Professional Topup

Ease of in-game service, easy and automatic top-up with support for top-up payment services in almost all countries

Real Cash Reward

We have lots of events with lots of prizes and even cash prizes tournament

High Speed Server

Best quality in its class! High end server specs with high bandwidth capacity and a good level of security to protect player data from DDoS attacks and hacks

Complete Updates & Features

Support updates in the game, features that will continue to be developed and unique we create for the convenience of playing in RAN Reunion

24/7 Support

We have many admins and community managers from various countries and languages who are ready to serve you

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